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ARC Review: The Smallest Spot of a Dot by Linsey Davis, Michael Tyler & Lucy Fleming – A Picture Book Review

Many books for children focus on the fact that we are all different and unique. Even though they mean well they might give the impression that we don’t have that much in common by pointing out all the differences that divide us. The Smallest Spot of a Dot is different. Its focus lies on the fact that us humans have much more in common than we think, and that our similarities are so much greater than our differences. While it does also highlight the fact that we all have our unique features that make us special and one of a kind, the greater takeaway-message would be, in my opinion, that for the greatest part we are all the same, which I really liked.

Big props to the illustrator – the illustrations are beautiful. Very appealing for both children as well as adults. I loved going through the book several times to look at everything again, and every time I would find new details that I loved. The choice of colours are very pleasing to the eye, and I loved the cute illustrations of the children, which reminded me of Disney princesses with their big eyes and pretty smiles. The colourful dots that were woven like a red thread through the entire book were an aesthetically pleasing addition – both as a narrative element as well as visually.

Something else I really liked was the fact that this book is so diverse – in every sense possible. We see all different kinds of bodies – abled and disabled, visually impaired, children in wheelchairs, blue-eyed, brown-eyed, children of all shapes, colours and sizes – and they are all beautiful. The affirmations that we all are so much alike, and that we additionally each have our own distinct features only underlined this.

This picture book is a must-have for all fans of picture books who, like me, love the fact that they can be so deep and meaningful as this one. It is also a great addition to your family library and a great way to both touch upon the topic of genes as well as what makes us all the same, and what little things make us all unique in our own way with your little ones. 

I think the subtitle “The Little Ways We’re Different, the Big Ways We’re the Same” sums this book up pretty well. It is heart-warming, it is inspiring, it is giving you hope. What more could you want from a book? I can’t wait to get a print copy for my bookshelf!

5 stars from me, I’m in love with this one!

Thank you all so much for reading!



P.S. A big thank you to Netgalley for my ARC of the book!

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