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Hello World!

Welcome to my little space in the world wide web!

Nowadays, having a blog might not be special, but it is for me. I have been wanting to share my thoughts on books, life and DIYs for many years before actually going through with it, and now I’m so glad I did! Over the course of almost six years I have read countless books, met authors and other book lovers whom I wouldn’t otherwise have met, and read many books I wouldn’t otherwise have picked up. Starting this blog has brought so many opportunities that I will forever be grateful for.

What else might you like to know? My name is Noly, and books make up a HUGE part of my life! I absolutely love books – reading them, searching for them, collecting them. Speaking about them, especially. I work as a proofreader and editor (find more about my editing services here) and also want to get into book translation, so books are part of both my working and private life.

I hold a Master’s degree in English Literature and am currently working towards my PhD.  While having loved almost every classic I have read during my university years, I usually choose a book from the MG, YA, fantasy, historical fiction or contemporary romance genre for my personal reading. Though I must say I’m also open for new things – when the writing is good, the genre doesn’t really matter, right?

I hope you enjoy your time on my website! For any question, suggestion, book recommendation or comment please visit my contact page.

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