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Book Review: Truth In Blue by Mirai Amell #TheWriteReads #BlogTour

My dear bookish friends,

When I saw this cover I felt immediately drawn to it – isn’t it just gorgeous?! It’s kind of giving The Cruel Prince / ACOTAR vibes and I knew I had to read it! Huge thanks to TheWriteReads and the author for my ebook as well as my spot on this tour (none of which influenced my rating in any way).

Please read on to find out what Truth In Blue is about, and for my detailed review!

The Book

Sometimes life is better as a lie.

Malakai wanted to protect his kingdom from threats beyond its borders. Instead, stripped of his magic and on the run, he now needs to save it from his brother, the king himself.

Amaryllis wanted to have nothing to do with humans. Instead, stranded in the wrong realm, she now needs to retrieve a lost fae relic with powers no one comprehends.

Una wanted to be a knight in shining armor. Instead, haunted by the memories of a life she never lived, Una now needs to find answers from someone she doesn’t remember meeting. 

When their paths cross, each must decide what matters to them the most.

Or risk losing everything they hold dear.

In a world where Angels and Shades battle for souls while the Devil sips his tea, the fate of one country, two races, and four realms hangs in the balance when love and loyalties are tested to their limits.

My Review

Umm excuse me, how cool does this book sound?!

I love a good YA fantasy with lots of magic and fairies, and Truth in Blue comes jam-packed with both. It’s not really a quick read though in my opinion, so you really need to dedicate a bit of time to it. But all the more time to really get into this world!

Truth in Blue is set in the world of fae, furies, shades and magicians, and is so full of characters, many of whom you immediately get to know from the start – most notably Malachi, Una and Amayllis, all of whom have lost something or had their dreams smashed in the past and are now on new paths. Even the devil has a role in this book – eeeek!

In fact, there are so many characters introduced so quickly that it is a little tricky to keep up at first. It took me a long time to understand what was going on and where the story was leading. Personally, I would have liked if the author had spent a bit more time grounding us as opposed to throwing us straight into things – which is probably my only slight negative. It did feel a bit as if I was missing some info at the start.

However, the first chapter – the first page even – already made me feel like I’m part of this world, something I enjoyed immensely. The words were flowing so nicely, and I loved how the descriptions were effortlessly fitted into the plot. Even though there is a lot going on it never felt info-dumpy.

Una and Malachi are probably the most engaging characters, at least as far as I am concerned, and really, despite the big overarching world and plot, this book is mainly about its characters. They are what will keep you turning the page. I always think, a book could have the most amazing plot but if I don’t care for the characters I won’t really care much for the book.

Some side remarks, but just as important: you already learned that I really love this cover. However, I also love the author’s note at the start – it’s so personal and instantly made me more curious – as well as the two maps (the normal one, plus the version that is annotated by Una!!). I love little details like that in my reads!

Truth in Blue is well-written throughout and overall I think most readers will enjoy it – if they are prepared to give it the time it deserves.

4 stars from me!

Thank you all so much for reading!


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