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The Unique Blogger Award!

Exciting news: I was nominated by the lovely PrincessofPages for the Unique Blogger Award! Thank you so much! If you haven’t visited her blog yet you absolutely have to – she is the nicest person ever, plus she has an amazing taste in books!

I love these kinds of tags and awards because they bring you closer to the blogger behind the screen, and who is not up for that?

The Rules:

* Share the link of the blogger who nominated you

* Answer their questions

* Share some love with the blogging community by nominating 8-12 people

* Ask three questions for your nominees

Now onto Jamie’s questions for me:

  1. Have you ever been to a book signing? If so, who?

Boring answer: I have not 🙁 Unfortunately, I must say – because that would be so cool! Maybe being able to sneak a little question about the book in – how awesome would that be?? Maybe one day in the future…

2. If you were stranding on an island, what crew would you want to be with you? Pick 4 book characters

Ooooh what an awesome question! And a hard one! I definitely would like to have Cassian and Azriel from ACOTAR with me, because when I’d have enough of that island, they could winnow me back home! And in the meantime, I’m sure Cassian would be such a fun company! 😀 Plus, they are super strong and skilled fighters, so they could protect me against any wild creatures and other dangers on that island. (I would have said Rhysand, but after reading A Court of Frost and Starlight he and Feyre are such a cute couple that I couldn’t bring myself to destroy that lol). Next I would say Robinson Crusoe because of the obvious reasons – he is an expert of being stranded on islands, so who would be a better choice? And last but not least, I would pick Hermione Granger. Not only would another female be necessary under such circumstances, but I would also love to talk about books with her! And also, she would have all the necessary background knowledge to help us get out of basically any scary situation.

3. What are your top reads you think everyone should read?

OMG! Can I say next? Lol. Whenever I get asked a question like that my mind goes completely blank and I don’t remember any book at all, although I read every day! Let’s see, I would definitely say the ACOTAR series because it’s my favorite series ever. Harry Potter is a must as well, though I’m only in the middle of finishing the series myself! But no one should miss out on that adventurous story in my opinion. Then I would also recommend Outlander, because you get time travel, romance AND history all in one. To add in some classics, I would say The Picture of Dorian Gray and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. These books are simply amazing! If you need something quick and fun, I would say go for The Importance of being Earnest. Now that I started, I could go on forever, but, you know, there’s not enough space here for that. These are some of the books I think everyone should read!


My three questions for you:

  1. If you could pick three book characters to have as close friends, who would they be and why?
  2. What makes a good book for you?
  3. What is the first book you remember to have read by yourself as a child?


My nominees are:

* TheFictionalFirefly * FictionThoughts * BookStormGirl * BookaholicDreamerBookathonBlog * BibianeseBookBlog * InkishKingdoms * MyEndlessShelf *

Looking forward to your posts!



65 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award!

  1. Yay thank you again for nominating me 😍😍 It looks like a fun, quick tag! I have never been to a book signing either 😔 I wish I had but most of the authors I love never came to Finland (and why would they 😂) and now I live in a town in the middle of nowhere in Scotland 😂 I wish in the future I might have enough money to travel around for book signing and book festivals etc, that would be fun! And you got me intrigued to read the Picture of Dorian Gray!

    1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 It is, and I’m excited to read your answers!! Oooh that’s great, The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite classics and it’s perfect for fall reading because it’s a little bit spooky 😀 Looking forward to hear your opinion 😉

  2. I just finished The Picture of Dorian Gray. I thought it had a really strong start but fell apart toward the end. Still, it’s one of the better classics, IMO. I can certainly see why it’s so well loved. 😀
    Also, looks like we’ll have to share Az between our islands lol I picked him too!

    1. It’s one of my favorite classics – I love the gloomy and darker vibes and also the aspects of the aesthetic movement it presents! But I do also get what you mean about the ending… Haha good thing Az can fly lol seems like he’ll be very busy 😉

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