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Book Review: A Court of Frost and Starlight – Sarah J. Maas

You guys, this BOOK!!! Since I have loved the first three books in this series so much, I obviously had to read A Court of Frost and Starlight as well! But after seeing some people’s opinions on it online, I was honestly a bit scared to read it because the reviews were quite mixed. However, now I can wholeheartedly say that it is the negative ones that I can’t comprehend at all. Keep on reading to see why.

  1. It is a novella. So what did you expect? This book is like a treat. After the horrible war against Hybern in A Court of Wings and Ruin, our favorite characters finally get some time to breathe again. Which they first need to accustom to – they don’t really know how to cope with all their free time and the upcoming holidays. But the way that it is written, you can empathise so well with them. You feel their struggles, and you understand them.
  2. There’s nothing really *overly* exciting happening, yes. There is no war or new threat in this part, BUT it is just as nice to read about the more *normal* daily life struggles in my opinion, maybe even nicer at some point.
  3. You get to know the characters better, and you’ll fall in love with them even more (and dislike some others more, too – you know whom I mean, don’t you? 😉 ). Even though we know a lot about them already, the characters are described so richly detailed and the fact that we not only get chapters by Feyre’s and Rhysand’s points of view, but also some chapters focalized by Mor and Cassian, helps paint an even clearer picture – if you didn’t already, you will fall head over heels for them for sure.
  4. The themes and topics of A Court of Frost and Starlight are revolving around a fresh start, and also deal with all the implications of it. There are many positive aspects to it obviously, but also downsides to it, which I liked a lot. They just made it seem all the more real. The book is about establishing freedom in and between the courts, establishing alliances, and strengthening the border. The fact that Feyre, Rhysand and the others still find the time and strength to prepare the holiday festivities and then celebrate together shows how much of a family bond they all actually share, which I loved very much.
  5. The overall focus of the book is about Velaris after the war – how everybody partakes in rebuilding the city, how everyone helps in whichever way they can. And yet, it is also about the relationships between the characters – how they all juggle these very different aspects of their lives, which ultimately strengthens their bond even more. So it is not an unnecessary book at all in my opinion – quite on the contrary!
  6. I loved the festive vibes of the Winter Solstice festivities and wish I had read this book during Christmas time, but obviously I couldn’t wait this long once I had my copy at home! 😉
  7. There are also some hints to the next instalment, and also a very exclusive chapter of it at the very end of the book! Knowing that we won’t have to leave this place yet and these characters, which have become more than dear to my heart, behind, makes it the cherry on top of the ice cream!


I hope these points give you more than enough reason to grab A Court of Frost and Starlight (if you haven’t already done so) despite the negative reviews that are out there. Imagine it like this: When you finish a really good book, especially one that is really action-packed and had you riding an emotional rollercoaster, you often find yourself imagining what these characters you have come to love so much are doing next, right? What a *normal* day in their lives might look like, and how they might celebrate a holiday in such a way that would make it seem almost trivial as compared to the war that had raged in the previous instalment. Well, this book is just that: a nice little treat, a window that lets you have a sneak peek into the lives of those characters we have all come to love this much. Therefore, I don’t see any reason at all to rate this book negatively for its lack of action or plot. It does have a plot, but it is slower, more peaceful, more silent maybe. But just as enjoyable and wholesome – especially when you read between the lines. The only negative aspect for me was that it is too short – I would have loved to read hundreds of pages more of this gem.

Obviously 5 stars from me.


Did you read this book? What did you think? Or has my review maybe made you read it despite the negative reviews out there? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 🙂

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