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The Power Of Support – Saying Thank You

Dear readers,

This is a special post and one that is long overdue. One of the things in life I firmly believe in is to tell and show your appreciation to people who mean a lot to you, who have changed you for the better and had an impact on your life. During our busy and hectic everyday stress we sometimes tend to forget this, so I vowed to myself to become better at that.

One thing that now belongs to my life is blogging. I love checking Twitter every day and seeing what my online friends are up to. Every day means it has become a part of my life that belongs to me, so showing my appreciation for it is as important to me as telling my real-life family that I love them. This post is to show my appreciation for The Write Reads and the person who stands behind it. Thank you for putting so much time, thought, and effort into making our book blogging experience so much more colourful, meaningful, and exciting.

I started my blog in May 2018 and joined Twitter shortly afterwards, so I recently celebrated my one-year-anniversary. I was a bit reluctant and shy at first and didn‘t really know if Twitter would be a place I‘d fit in – quite similarly to how I often feel in real life. Through my love of books and fangirling, I met some very lovely people after a while, people I‘m still friends with and know I always will be. But otherwise it was still a bit quiet. Until I was approached by somebody special who told me about the idea of boosting book bloggers like myself because he found they didn‘t get the appreciation and attention they deserved – I couldn‘t believe it. The Write Reads is probably the most selfless project I‘ve ever come across. Ever since that day last year, Dave continuously came up with new ideas to make our experiences as book bloggers better, and I more than appreciate it.

Every single day I get so excited to see what the #blogoftheday and the #reviewoftheday will be. I’ve had to giggle about discussion posts, came to agree (or disagree) with book reviews, and learned a ton through all the posts I got to read through it – all because of The Write Reads. We are so busy with everyday life, our books to read and our own posts to write that sometimes I think reading other blog posts might become overlooked – but through these two posts I’m reminded every day to stay curious. And I have learned so much! I have come across so many amazing bloggers through The Write Reads group and it has truly enriched my life.

So discovering other blogs and meeting new people through The Write Reads is the one thing I‘m probably most thankful for, but that‘s not all – there‘s so much more. The Write Reads does not only present a blog and review post of book bloggers every day, but there is also something else that is more than amazing: the blog tours – and especially the #UltimateBlogTours! It‘s something I‘ve never come across before, and that‘s because they are the biggest blog tours in history!! I was so honoured and thankful about having been able to participate in them, and it was an amazing and – quite frankly – also somewhat of a surreal experience. I got to know the authors of the books better, which is such a special thing. It felt like my connection to the characters got deeper because of it.

So, enough of my rambling. If you have made it all the way to down here, you are probably one of the people I mentioned above – you know who you are – and I want to take this opportunity to thank you, too, for being my friend. This journey certainly wouldn‘t have been the same without you. And since this post is basically about you and how grateful I am for being part of your amazing blogger group – a million thanks to you, Dave, for being so selfless, optimistic, and impeccably supportive every day, and for bringing us all together. It‘s an honour to be a part of such a wonderful blogger group. You are all amazing.

53 thoughts on “The Power Of Support – Saying Thank You

  1. Every word of this post is perfection, Noly. You are brilliant and every day you comment on the blog/review of the day without fail. 🙌

    I of course wrote a post about The Write Reads back in March and I couldn’t agree more, Dave has done immeasurably amazing things for our community.

    1. Awww Stephen you noticed?? Thank you so much, I might be crying a little right now (but it’s happy tears!!). I remember! Thought about your post when I wrote this one 🙂 You were an inspiration to all of us.

  2. such a lovely post 🙂 The Write Reads does so much for all of us and about time they were thanked. Am a follower who as of yet has not written for them but am so pleased to be part of such a lovely group x

  3. Right?! I’m always so excited to wake up and see what new post and review is featured that day! It’s so lovely to know people have your back and enjoy lifting each other up! You said it perfectly in your post! 💛💛💛

  4. This is a beautiful trip down the memory lane. We sure have come a long way together and had the greatest time. Also, TWR brought us into touch with some amazing authors. Not just blog tours, some authors appreciated the #reviewoftheday thread too.

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