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The Last Minute Christmas Shopping Book Tag

We all know someone (or are that special someone) who leaves Christmas shopping to the very last day. Although I could NEVER (I love Christmas and gift giving way too much for that), let’s just assume we are very late this year and need to get some last presents before the shops close for the holidays… I combined this with a few bookish questions and born was The Last Minute Christmas Shopping Book Tag!

The rules are simple:

– Answer the questions truthfully.

– Both Christmassy as well as non-Christmassy books work for the answers!

– You can use the official banner above for your post. Please link / tag the creator (me – Noly at The Artsy Reader) so I can read your answers!

– You don’t have to tag anybody, but if you want to you can!

– Have fun and be merry!!

1. You have to get to the mall quickly to get your Christmas shopping done before they close. Which fictional character is the fastest driver and which fictional way of transportation do you use?

Omg ok which character is the fastest – easy, Alice Cullen from Twilight. She loves to speed and always has the fastest cars on hand (or ahem…borrows them). As for fictional way of transportation… if we can’t take Alice’s non-fictional Ferrari then perhaps the worm from ACOTAR can be used? Not really a mode of transportation per se, but still very fast and also gets everyone and everything else out of the way lol!

2. You go into the bookshop and have only got time to grab something quick. What’s the one book you’d recommend to everybody?

Ohh this is already a hard one to answer, because tastes differ! I think if I wanted to gift a Christmassy book I’d go for a beautiful edition of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – it’s just such a timeless classic! Otherwise I’d probably go for a different classic, especially if I don’t know what books the person already owns. Perhaps a pretty edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, one of my favourites.

3. You have to get one of your family member’s (who is NOT a reader) a book to convert them. What book are you getting them?

This is tough! I’d probably think about what their interests are, but if I can’t match anything with a book I would probably get them something short and yet enjoyable. Perhaps a short classic like Frankenstein – another one of my all time favourites!

4. You have come to the special editions section of the bookshop. What special edition of a book would you like to find under the Christmas tree?

I don’t have any particular special editions in mind but I love the MinaLima editions of classics, they have so many extras in the books like maps and letters that you can unfold, they enhance the reading experience so much. I also love the Folio Society editions – they are always such eye-catchers!

5. You head to the corner with bookmarks, candles and other knickknacks next. If you could buy one fictional object as a Christmas present what would it be?

Oooh hmm. Would the magic lantern from Aladdin work? The owner of the lamp is granted three wishes from the genie that lives inside – so you basically get three presents AND a lantern all in one! Alternatively I’d go for Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak because I would like to receive that myself too lol!

6. You walk through the shopping centre’s winter wonderland in between shops. If you could celebrate Christmas in one ficitonal place where would it be?

Ohh so many good options!! I would go for the most festive options available! I would love to go to Christmas Notch, a small town with Christmas trees and festive music all year round (from Merry Little Meet Cute by Sierra Simone and Julie Murphy, which I LOVED). Otherwise it would probably also be nice to celebrate Christmas in the house of the Christmas Carrolls (from the eponymous book by Mel Taylor-Bessent), because they take Christmas VERY seriously and have their fairy-lights and Christmas trees up all year long! It probably feels really festive there!!

7. You take a wrong turn in the mall and end up behind the building where the dumpsters are. Which fictional place would you really NOT like to spend Christmas at?

Definitely Soul’s College from Christmas Dinner of Souls by Ross Montgomery! The guests of this very…special…Christmas dinner despise children, warmth and the joyful and festive Christmas cheer. They each tell a dark, spooky, terrible story – the more gruesome the better; it is definitely a place I would stay away from at Christmas (or any other time of year for that matter)!

8. You walk through the shopping centre and come across the mall Santa on his big red chair. What book character could secretly be Santa Claus in disguise?

I think Alice Cullen from Twilight would love to be everyone’s Santa, as she loves getting Bella presents! However, she probably wouldn’t make the best Santa visually, being so tiny and slim and a girl and all. I think Little Lord Fauntleroy of the eponymous book would also make an excellent Santa, as he is so kind-hearted and nice to everybody, and loves giving gifts! (Also, the 1980 movie adaptation is probably my favourite Christmas film, I watch it multiple times every Christmas season!)

9. You get to the hat and gloves section next. What is the last book that made you feel all warm and cosy inside?

The last festive read I finished was A Cross-Country Christmas by Courtney Walsh – an involuntary road trip that ended with a lovely family Christmas. It was heartwarming and festive, so perfect for this question!

10. You get to the perfume section of the mall to buy a perfume (always a safe gift option). Which fictional character smells the best?

Hmm I feel like Rosalie Hale from Twilight probably uses a lot of expensive perfume. For some reason I also think Bee Hobbes from Merry Little Meet Cute always likes to smell nice too!

11. You have bought so many presents you need help carrying them. Which fictional character(s) are you getting for help?

This one is easy! I would ask Azriel and Cassian from ACOTAR for help! They are big and strong – and maybe they can carry extra bags on their wings!!!

12. You have to take a ride home after your shopping trip with three book characters, but you get stuck in traffic. Which three characters would make the trip more fun?

I think Kallum Lieberman from A Holly Jolly Ever After by Sierra Simone and Julie Murphy would make the car ride fun as he is always cracking jokes and has funny anecdotes to tell! Wil Sinclair from A Cross-Country Christmas would make the ride fun because he would take the roads to special sights where we could take breaks from the traffic! And as a third character I would probably pick Holly from A Great Reindeer Rescue, because she loves Christmas as much as me and we could exchange ideas and tips the entire trip!

I hope you enjoy answering these questions if you give this tag a go! Consider yourself tagged!

Happy Christmas everybody,


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