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New Blog Header!


Guys, I’m so excited!! I got a new blog header and I’m totally in love with it!

Thanks SO much to the lovely and very talented Nicole Carman for creating it! Since I’m so grateful and also quite in awe at how pretty the header is and I wanted you all to notice what’s new on here, I thought Nicole’s work deserved it’s own little post, so here we go!

Before I asked her if she could create a header for my blog I obviously had a look at hers over on her blog The Nikki Theorem (if you guys haven’t been there yet, head on over to it after you’ve finished reading this post!) and was, of course, quite excited because I loved it, but never did I expect to like mine as much as I do! It has a special watercolour touch to it which I love, and the fonts are exactly as I pictured them – a nice and bold one on top for my blog name and a more artistic and flowy one at the bottom – one that perfectly captures the mood of my posts! Since I post both book-related stuff and more creative DIYs, the two fonts capture these topics perfectly. The special extra is, of course, the books on the bottom right corner – something I wished for in secret but didn’t expect to get (because I didn’t specify what I wanted, just that the colour pink would fit my blog’s colour scheme). There is so much detail in the books, so much vividness to their colours and to how they are assembled – they look like they could actually be standing there right on my shelf! I’m honestly in love with them and I’m so grateful Nicole did all this just for me – you can totally tell how much effort she has put into it!

It feels like only now my blog is fully complete, despite the fact that I still have so many things in mind that I want to add – it feels like this blog is really mine now! When I see the page and get a look at the header, the website really feels like home to me – and could there be a nicer feeling?

So thank you again, Nicole – I’m amazed by your beautiful artwork!


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