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Halloween Blog Crawl: Costume #6 Big Finale!!!

It’s here, it’s finally here – the last day of October, and with it, the final costume!! If you don’t know what this post is about, you can head on over here and read the first post that explains everything concerning the “Halloween Blog Crawl” in detail (including how you can take part in the game and win an interview on her and my blog!).

It’s basically a game my amazing friend (who runs the blog Bookish Creation) and I are hosting for you! There will be six posts from each of us, and the person with the most right answers will win an interview with both of us – so this is perfect for authors or bloggers!! Since today is Halloween, this is the final costume you will find on The Artsy Reader. After Bookish Creation has posted her 6th costume too, you can send all the right answers and maybe win something! Now, let’s get on with costume six!

“I am a true scientist, probably the one best out there. I want to achieve more than any other scientist – and with my latest work, I have done that!

For years and years I have been working on this, and now it is finally done! All my research, all the years spent with my nose stuck in books, my years of studying, and now finally I have become more than man: I have created life!

Yes, what I have created is ugly, looks wretched, and yet – and yet – I have achieved what no man before me has done!

Who am I?”

a) Dr. Jekyll from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
b) Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
c) Lord Henry Wotton from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
d) Count Dracula from Dracula by Bram Stoker

Don’t forget to head on over to Bookish Creation and check out her posts to find out who she dressed up as, too! (You can also find the form to take part in the giveaway there. Don’t forget to collect the right answers and send them in to us, either using the form or by writing an email. No spoilers in the comments, please. Thank you!)

I hope you’ve had a lot of fun playing! This was the final costume on my blog. Here are all the previous ones linked again:

Costume #1
Costume #2
Costume #3
Costume #4
Costume #5

Happy Halloween!



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