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Book Review: Cursed in Love by Zoe Ashwood #TheWriteReads #BBNYA2022 #BlogTour

My dear bookish friends!

It’s been ages since I last read a paranormal romance, and now I don’t know why I ever stopped! Zoe Ashwood’s Cursed in Love is such a gripping, steamy, hot and entertaining read, I raced through it in such a short time! Congrats to Zoe for placing 6th in BBNYA 2022 – this book definitely deserved to be high up there in the ranking! Please read on for more info on the book, and to find out what I thought in detail!

The Book

In a magical race around the world, there can only be one winner.

My powers weren’t enough to save my mother from an excruciating death. But I won’t stand by and watch anybody else I love suffer. The spells I need to protect us all are locked away, sealed by a magic I can’t break. The only key is conning my way into the magical elite and winning their deadly competition.

I can’t do it alone.

Levi has my back. He’s a strong witch, my best friend, and fiercest protector.

Raphael might be my ex, but his vampire powers give us an edge.

And then there’s Isak. Dragon shifter, with his own secrets and reasons to win.

But in a competition full of witches whose powers outweigh my own, dangers arise from every corner of the globe. Until one thing becomes clear. We aren’t just playing to win. We’re playing to live.

Cursed in Love is the first book in a “why choose” paranormal romance trilogy.

My Review

Witches, vampires, dragons – this book has it all! I didn’t know what ‘why choose’ means (see the book description above), but now I know lol. But let me start from the beginning.

Nora is such a cool, independent and strong heroine, I really liked her! She lost her mother tragically (really “just” an illness, or something else entirely?), and is now entering competition after competition to find magical tokens and learn new spells all around the world. What an original, fun, and adventurous idea!

I loved Nora and Levi’s dynamic. He has been her best friend for ever, but she also had the biggest crush on him for ever. I loved how protective Levi was of Nora, and how he wouldn’t let anyone – or anything – get close enough to hurt her. Both are fairly powerful witches, and together they are trying to win the magical competition (even though they had to con their way into it first). 

Their first stop is Scotland, and then they are off to Egypt! This race around the world was so intense, fast-paced and fun, and I loved reading about the pyramids and the desert – it felt like I was right there with them!

And then, of course, there is also Nora’s ex-boyfriend Raphael, a vampire. I thought it was great that we got to meet Levi first and see him with Nora first before Raphael was introduced, and well, the way they all meet first had me literally fanning my face because it was so hot! They worked great together as a team, and had to get in grave danger in Egypt, a situation that almost got them all killed! 

The trio goes through a lot together – many magical, dangerous, but also very hot adventures, to say the least. You just have to read the book and see for yourself. And then, by the end, we also get a climpse at a possible fourth companion to follow, so I’m very much looking forward to the next book in the series. I’m very glad I discovered Zoe Ashwood through BBNYA, and can’t wait to read more of her books!

There is really nothing bad I can say about this book, so, you guessed it – it must be a 5 star read!

Thank you all so much for reading, and do let me know if you’ll pick up Cursed in Love too!




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