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#BBNYA2021 #BlogTour #Finalist Spotlight: The Nine by C.G. Harris

My dear bookish friends!

Today I want to bring to you a spotlight of The Nine by C.G. Harris, a finalist in the  Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Awards of 2021. If you want to find out more about BBNYA, head on over to the original website (you really should!). You can find out about how to enter your own book or how to become a panelist yourself! But first, let’s find out more about last year’s 10th place, The Nine!

The Blurb

Gabe is recruited to join the most dangerous organization the world has never heard about. As a double agent he has to fight within their ranks to stop them, all with no training, no experience and no support. If he’s caught, they will tear him apart. But that’s not the real twist.

Gabe is dead, he lives in Hell and Judas Iscariot just became his new boss.

Judas assigns Gabe a beautiful new partner with plans to sow a disease that could wipe out the modern world. Without revealing his true identity, he must find a way to deal with insect wielding super agents, firestorms, and worst of all, the nauseating envisage travel to get Topside to save the earth.

About the Author

C.G. Harris is an award winning science-fiction and fantasy author from Colorado who draws inspiration from favorites, Jim Butcher, Richard Kadrey and Brandon Sanderson. For nearly a decade, Harris has escaped the humdrum of the real world by creating fictional characters and made-up realities. When not writing, Harris spends time collecting the illusive arcade token, from the golden age when Dig Dug and Frogger were king. Harris knows the value of such a collection will only be seen in the confused faces of those family members left behind long after C.G. Harris is gone.

C.G. Harris is the combined persona of writers Kerrie Flanagan and Chuck Harrelson.

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