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50 Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes it is hard to tell the good from the bad, and sometimes life can get overwhelming pretty easily. In these times it is important to remind yourself of all the good that actually is in your life in order for you to see that everything is not in fact, bad. This is why I love this tag and I’m so happy that Kelly @ paperbackadventures and Hannah @ hannahsbookshelf have tagged me for this! Thank you so much, you guys are amazing! If you don‘t know them already please go and check their blogs out!
Now it’s time for me to remind myself of all the big and small things that make me happy, so let’s get this started!
  1. My family. 
  2. Books.
    Buying books, looking for books, reading new books, rereading old books that I’ve loved, talking about books, you get the picture. (Even though I’m trapped in this horrible reading slump atm books still make me very happy!)
  3. Friends.
    I love meeting my real life friends, talking to them about everything that life is giving us right now, or taking a walk down memory lane. However, I also love talking to my new online friends! Twitter has thankfully given me the opportunity to get to know so many amazing people! Which brings me to the next point…
  4. Twitter.
    I love scrolling through the Twitter-verse and wasting my precious time on there lol, but really, talking to my online friends and meeting new people to connect with is seriously just amazing!
  5. Christmas.
    I love EVERYTHING Christmas related – Christmassy books, holiday movies, the music, decorations, the festive cozy and warm feeling you get during the build up to Christmas, just EVERYTHING. Which also brings me to the next point…
  6. Buying presents.
    I specifically say BUYING because receiving them is a lot more stressful for me than is buying them for others. I mean I do like it obviously, but it makes me so so happy to go on a shopping trip with the intention of finding things that will make others happy!
  7. Seeing the look in someone’s eyes when they open said presents and get really happy.
  8. Compliments.
    Obviously, receiving a nice compliment is a very nice things that makes me happy, but what I love more is giving them to others. I’m trying to make it a habit to tell strangers a nice thing about them when I genuinely feel it, and when they get happy it makes myself so much happier in turn – win win!
  9. The smell of roses.
  10. Good food, especially sweets – cake, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, but also savory stuff like pizza (obviously) and pasta.
  11. Taking a walk.
  12. Dogs.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have one myself but I always get so happy when I get the chance to pet other people’s doggies and I don’t think they know how happy they make me when they offer me to pet their little bundle of joy.
  13. Animals in general.
  14. Receiving good feedback on something I’ve worked hard for.
  15. Drinking hot chocolate on a cold day.
  16. Tea.
  17. Finding something I really wanted on sale.
  18. Crafts and DIYs. Making something old into something new and beautiful is just perfection.
  19. Putting together a matching outfit.
  20. Pretty notebooks.
  21. Painting.
  22. Cleaning the house (only sometimes this makes me happy lol; but I like to see the result)
  23. Crossing off something on my to do list.
  24. Smiling at people and receiving a smile back.
  25. The bright blue sky on sunny days.
  26. Fairy lights.
  27. Jigsaw puzzles.
  28. Hearing a song I really like on the radio.
  29. Baking other people’s birthday cakes.
  30. Wearing warm and fuzzy socks on a cold day.
  31. Christmas jumpers.
  32. Solving riddles.
  33. Finding my hair in a state that I love the look of (which usually happens either 10 minutes before washing it or right before I go to sleep lol)
  34. Scented candles.
  35. Making others laugh.
  36. Waking up without feeling super tired.
  37. Receiving a nice comment on my blog.
  38. Turning on the tv and seeing that one of my favorite movies is running.
  39. Singing alongside the radio while driving.
  40. Going on a Christmas tree hunt.
  41. Seeing the leaves change color in autumn.
  42. Changing the home decor.
  43. Seeing little babies in their strollers waving and smiling at me.
  44. Finishing a task.
  45. Writing a blog post.
  46. Being tagged on Twitter and receiving notifications.
  47. The cozy feeling of the first night after having changed the bedding.
  48. Realizing I still got plenty of time left of a day even though I thought my tasks would take longer.
  49. Trying out a new recipe and finding it tastes delicious.
  50. Realizing that even despite all the ups and downs and hardships, I’m living a pretty good life.

Aaaaand that’s it. Quite a long list, but it makes you really appreciate the little things in life. I love tags like this!

What makes you happy? Tagging:




But whatever makes YOU happy, tell me in the comments below! 🙂



9 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! And please feel free to do the tag as well, I’d love to read about the 50 things that make you happy! 🙂 What Twitter secret do you mean? Finding friends? There’s really not that much of a secret behind it 😀 Just talk to people, answer them – I might also have been really lucky to find those awesome people! But I’d love to be your Twitter friend! Let’s connect on there 😉

  1. I LOVE this list! You’re super kind and sweet and it shows in your list with how much of it is about giving back to others. So much happiness comes from making other people happy. That last one, though. This was so lovely to read, Noly 💖

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