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The Official Spooky Season Book Tag

It’s the first of October and spooky season is officially upon us! The nights are getting colder, the days shorter, the books scarier – what could be better than taking a hot beverage of your choice, a comfy blanket, and a bunch of spooky books to prepare for the beautiful, crisp, and spooky month of October? In order to get into the right mood I came up with a few prompts and questions all about Halloween, monsters, and things that go bump in the night!

The rules are as follows:

  • Tag the original creator (The Artsy Reader).
  • Use the official banner.
  • Answer the prompts and questions.
  • Tag 5 people.
  • Have fun and get spooky!!!

And here we go!

Question 1: You hear a strange noise in the night – the monsters got inside! Which book character would you choose to protect you from harm?

I would pick Emmett Cullen from the Twilight series (yes I said Twilight, don’t come at me! Lol). He is one of the strongest and most badass characters ever, so he could probably fight off all the monsters!

Question 2: You go on vacation and your hotel is located right next to a cemetery. Which book character do you really hope is not hiding in the shadows?

Eeek, so many! I would hope not to come across Mr. Jitters, a creepy, too smiley, too scary puppet come to life in Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis (anyone or anything scary that is also smiling is a huge NO for me). Same goes for the Smiling Man in the Small Spaces series by Katherine Arden – the SMILING man, see the connection?!

Question 3: It’s a particularly cold night and you decide to stay inside. Which three book characters would you like to spend a trivia quiz and board game night with?

Oooh that would be so cool! I would love to have such a fun night with many characters, but if I had to narrow it down to three I would go for 1. Rhysand from ACOTAR (for obvious reasons lol), 2. Alice Cullen from Twilight if I could be in the same team as her for the trivia quizzes, and Sherlock Holmes because he is super smart and probably also very interesting to talk to!

Question 4: Time for a big adventure! The scary book you pick transports you into its world. Where do you end up?

If I had to pick a scary book to be transported into I would probably pick Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick. Not only is it one of my favourite scary middle grade series, it is quite spooky at times but there are some really awesome characters that make for great friends and I think they are capable of fighting all evil!

Question 5: No Halloween without Trick or Treat-ing! Which book character do you think has the sweetest tooth?

Ooh hmm this is a tricky one (literally!). I think I could imagine Azriel and Cassian from the ACOTAR series to have a sweet tooth!

Question 6: The fairies are angry and want a sacrifice from your bookshelf. Which scary book has to go and why?

Oh, this is a tough one! I would probably have to say The Cottingley Cuckoo by A.J. Elwood. I love the Cottingley fairy story and was so excited to read a book that refers to it, and while a lot of it was captivating and made me want to keep on reading, I was also very confused at many instances and rather disappointed in the end. It’s strange, I rated this book low and still think about it from time to time, even though it’s been a long time since I read it. It was in a way very compelling but also really bad unfortunately, so it sadly has to go!

Another one would be The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass, a book that was so hyped and I was so looking forward to, but ended up being so disappointed in. It was very confusing and not at all what I expected it to be. Sad!

Question 7: You decide you feel more autumnal rather than halloween-y today. Which book setting would you choose for a more cosy and less scary vibe?

Oooh I know which one! I would go to Graves Glen, Georgia, the setting of The Hex Ex by Erin Sterling! Even though it has some a bit spookier scenes it is still super fun and cosy, and I loved the little town that gave the Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow vibes (with some added spookiness). This book is witchy, swoony, autumnal and cosy, and so is its setting! (I definitely have to reread it for Halloween this year!!)

Question 8: The witch is cooking up a spell in her cauldron and you have to add one magic ingredient. Which item from a book are you adding to the mixture?

I’m not sure if it would be any good in a cauldron, but I think I would put in the haunted typewriter from What Lives in the Woods by Lindsay Currie. First of all I could get rid of it that way (lol), and also it is scary, so perfect for a spell!?

Question 9: You get to decide which bookish place to visit for Halloween. Which book setting is the scariest – and gets crossed off the list?

I really wouldn’t like to go to the town The Halloween Moon by Joseph Fink is set in on Halloween. The whole town is under a spell and some parts of the book I found really scary (even if it is for a younger audience), and it felt like being stuck in a nightmare! So definitely a nope from me!!

Another too scary place would be Hill House (I haven’t read the book but watched most of the series), and oh no, definitely not for me lol.

Question 10: The big day is finally here: it’s Halloween! Which book character do you dress up as, and what would be part of your outfit?

Hmm I think if I wanted to go for the cool and mysterious kind of look I would dress up as Amren from  the A Court of Thorns and Roses series! I would wear a black bob wig and silver contacts! If I was in a more cute kind of mood I would dress up as one of my favourite book characters, Alice in Wonderland! I would probably wear a light blue dress with a white apron on top, a blonde wig and a black headband (like the original Disney version). If I wanted to be really scary in an ugly kind of way, I would dress up as one of the clowns from Empty Smiles (the Small Spaces series) by Katherine Arden. I’d need a clown mask with sharp yellow teeth and a red clown wig for that, eeek! Even thinking about these clowns makes me shudder!

And that’s the end of this tag! If you love Halloween and have some good spooky books to recommend consider yourself tagged!

I also want to tag these 5 people in particular:

– Danni (forbookssake)

– Holly (hollylovesbooks)

– Sabrina (sabrinasbooktails)

– Rejitha (bookbugworld)

– Gee (allthingsgee)

Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you have fun with this tag!


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