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Book Review: The Cockatoo from Timbuktu – William A.E. Ford / Illustrated by Ramile M. Imac

Join Kian the cockatoo on his adventures around the world! Can a childhood song about a shining star help him find his way home? From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall of China to New York City – wonders of the world are explored delightfully in this epic journey!

My Thoughts:

Kian the cockatoo lives in a zoo near you. But he‘s sad – he wants to go home to his mum and dad in Timbuktu! When I was approached by William, I was so happy – I love children‘s stories, especially also picture books! One thing only few people know about me is that I specialised in children‘s literature during my master studies – among other areas. I definitely also want to include more children‘s books on my blog this year – so this is an excellent start!

One thing that‘s very important when it comes to picture books is to take into consideration both the illustrations as well as the text (if there is any). In this case, both elements are very neatly done and deserve special attention!

The text is lovely. It‘s short and it rhymes, and it‘s on point! Children will surely love it and follow your every word in order to find out where Kian‘s journey takes him next.

The same will be the case when it comes to the beautiful, colourful illustrations. Not only children will be in awe when they see these colours – this book is a gem you won‘t want to miss on your own bookshelf! It starts off nicely with a map of the world and all the continents – a very nice way to add in a tiny geography lesson (wrapped up nicely in a fun story, of course). We then get a peek into Kian‘s home in the zoo. It‘s nice, but it‘s what you get in numerous other storybooks too. But what follows then is incredible. When Kian‘s journey home begins, the colours start bursting across the pages.

From snow-clad mountains over the lush green Scottish highlands to bustling city-life in London, Kian takes on a long journey in order to get back home to his family! Will they be reunited in the end?

Get The Cockatoo from Timbuktu and find out yourself! This book deserved 5 stars from me!

Many thanks to William Ford for giving me an ecopy of his book in exchange for an honest review! (This did in no way influence my review.)

Thank you all for reading!



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