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Blogmas Day 19: Book Review: Dashing Through the Snow – Debbie Macomber

Dashing Through the Snow is probably my favorite wintery read of the last few years. I bought it after I had read Twelve Days of Christmas by the same author because I had liked it so much. However, I was a bit cautious because many of the reviews I had read for it then were quite on the negative side, but I don’t see why! It does what it says: it’s quick, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it has the right dose of romance in it. Perfect to snuggle up on the couch with!

So the story revolves around Ashley, a young woman, who wants to surprise her mother for Christmas and visit her back home in Seattle. Unfortunately though, with only few days left until the holidays, it turns out harder than Ashley had expected to find a way home. When the airport employee refuses to let her book a ticket, Ashley goes for the only other option: renting a car. Unfortunately, she is too young to sign the rent papers herself. Lucky for her though, there’s somebody else who is desperate to get to Seattle. Ashley joins a good-looking stranger on the drive (or he joins her), and together they go through many ups and downs, which turn out funny, witty and sweet.

I LOOOOVE this book so much!! There’s not much to it really, and you quickly see through the second storyline (a quite interesting and different one nonetheless), but the book is not any less fun because of it. I love the two main characters. Ashley is funny and caring, she wants to surprise her mom and goes to great lengths to make her happy. I really like how she responds to Dash’s negativity. She’s sarcastic and funny, and doesn’t back down. I also really like Dash. He is tough on the outside and focuses on his carreer, but Ashley is melting his hard outer shell in no time. I really liked seeing how his set resolution not to get close to her disappears into thin air, and how he slowly but surely falls for her (sorry if this is a spoiler for you, but really you have probably guessed as much by now). The little puppy Ashley picked up on their way brings an extra dose of cuteness into the story and makes Ash and Dash work together (and grow together), despite their initial differences.

The second storyline is something I wouldn’t ever have guessed for such a story, which makes it all the more interesting because it’s really different. I’m not going to reveal too much because I would love to hear your reaction 🙂 

If you think you know everything about this book now you are mistaken! You really really should give it a go, it’s the sweetest, cosiest, cutest story ever, and perfect to read on a cold afternoon! You know what else I love? That I bought and read it despite the negative reviews. Listen to your gut and enjoy this gem!

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