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161 Thoughts I had while reading A Court of Mist and Fury

Little Disclaimer: I LOVE A Court of Mist and Fury SO MUCH! It probably might be my favorite book ever (it might also be my feelings talking, but it definitely is up there with my top three, none of which I can think of right now). There, I said it. And I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one out there who loves this book. And since there are countless reports and reviews who describe this love in every detail (and I would feel no ounce of shame to add another love letter to it), I thought I might as well do a little something different. I decided to write down the thoughts I had while reading the book, so that you can get a look at the condition my brain was in while I read it. I took these notes while reading, not afterwards, so you get my pure, unadulterated and uncensored thoughts (which yes, include many “Whoa”s, “Omg”s and an awful lot of love for Rhysand (I know I have declared my love for him even back when I read book one, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and in many tweets and Instagram posts ever since, but I feel no shame. Please excuse my fangirling self regardless.)) Alright, since everything is settled now, let’s move on with this post. Oh, before I forget – expect spoilers – they’re my genuine thoughts after all… Here we go:

  1. Poor Feyre… she really seems to suffer.
  2. Ohh she speaks of Rhysand! Now where is he???
  3. Wow, eternity. A long time to feel awful…
  4. No? Well, why do I have the feeling that this makes Tamlin a bit…jerk-ish..?
  5. I used to like him, didn’t I?
  6. There are things “around the house” to help with????? Wow.
  7. I can’t get over the feeling that I don’t really like her… Is she someone I should like??
  8. Tamlin enters the bedroom, and it gets quite steamy quite quickly!
  9. Not just steamy, but also explicit!
  10. Isn’t this intended for younger readers too?
  11. Well, not that I would mind… lol
  12. “There is no such thing as a High Lady.” Wait, what???
  13. “High Lords only take wives. Consorts. There has never been a High Lady.” Tamlin, you as High Lord could surely do something about the old rules?! Here is the jerk-ish feeling again…
  14. Now Lucien starts, too. I used to really like him. Since when has he become so…submissive to Tamlin?
  15. Poor Feyre. She seems so unhappy. And kind of as if she doesn’t belong there, to Tamlin and his people…
  16. Oh no, she hates her wedding gown? How awful! Poor Feyre again, not even enjoying her own wedding
  17. OMG, Feyre wants to stop the wedding. Omg, she’s going to say no. Is she really gonna say no? That can’t possibly happen, can it???
  18. It will, it WILL!
  19. RHYSAND!!!!
  20. YASSSSSSS, he’s here!!!
  21. And he’s purring! I’m in LOVE
  22. He’s heard Feyre’s silent cries for help and come to her rescue, again!!
  23. No, not to her rescue, he’s calling in his bargain.
  24. He’s so hot and full of darkness and thunder and HOT! Did I mention that I love him?
  25. Why does Feyre feel sad now though? It’s literally what she wanted???
  26. They’re at the Night Court! Finally!
  27. It’s the “most beautiful place” she has ever seen? Well, I expected it to be…
  28. He may be a prick Feyre, but in a really good way *eyebrows wiggling up and down*
  29. Lol, Feyre actually threw her shoe at him. Good one
  30. And he’s not even mad! Looool
  31. She is being treated like a princess! Does she even realize that?
  32. Awwww, he wants her to learn how to read! Isn’t he just the cutest???
  33. Woah, someone with his “sort of powers” might evade her mind and shatter it? Gulp. So he really is
  34. I don’t understand how Feyre doesn’t see the good in him. I mean he has stated several times now that he is not her enemy, so she should really start to listen!
  35. They talk about Azriel and Cassian! Finally! Now when will we meet them?
  36. Urghhh why is Feyre so eager to get back to boring, possessive Tamlin?
  37. Woah, wait, war??? Sounds dangerous. Now will Feyre finally realize that Tamlin treats her like a baby?
  38. No, she doesn’t. Of course not…
  39. Okaaaaay Feyre, you’re back at “home”… Happy now?
  40. Wow, Tamlin actually refuses her just to get some information about the Night Court out of her. Jerk is back
  41. I can’t help but feel like he was a totally different character in book one. What happened??
  42. I really like Feyre’s thoughts though! At least she is thinking about pushing and standing up against him, but I didn’t expect Lucien to be so…spineless. He, too, was different in book one!
  43. Yes, Rhysand is back!!! Yassssss
  44. Awww, he was worried about her. I just LOVE him
  45. Oh no, that week with him was over quickly…
  46. So jerky Tamlin refuses to take Feyre with him, even when she begs him? Urgh, I start to actually hate him!
  47. Woah, he even locks Feyre in his sturpic court? Even after all that happened to her! Stupid Tamlin. And weak Lucien!!
  48. Woah, Feyre really does have some awesome hidden powers!
  49. Mor is back!! She helps her! Poor Feyre was freaking out…
  50. “I once lived in a place where the opinion of others mattered. It suffocated me, nearly broke me. So you’ll understand me, Feyre, when I say that I know what you feel, and I know what they tried to do to you, and that with enough courage, you can say to hell with a reputation […]. You do what you love, what you need.” (p. 178)

  51. I love Mor, she is awesome!!!
  52. And there he is – my hero Rhysand!
  53. And he takes her with him! To his home! I love him!!! Have I mentioned that before??
  54. I so like where this is going!!! I don’t dare to hope yet, but maybe, just maybe, she won’t be feeling the same about Tamlin as before??
  55. And now she meets Rhysand’s family. Not his court, but his family!
  56. Quite a lot to digest though, what stories they have to tell…
  57. The Bone Carver looks like a little boy? That’s actually the creepiest of all the creepy things!
  58. Ok, no, I take that back. The Weaver is so much creepier?
  59. “I was not prey any longer, I decided as I eased up that door. And I was not a mouse. I was a wolf.” (p. 217)

  60. Yes Feyre, yasss!
  61. Urgh, the Weaver sings creepy songs, so she / it must surely sense somehow that Feyre is there?
  62. Yup, I knew it. She / it does know!!!
  63. Urgh, that’s why she is blind – her eye sockets are empty??? Gross.
  64. Omg, she / it follows Feyre up the chimney? Help!
  65. Where is Rhysand now??
  66. Yes Feyre, yesss! You go girl!!!
  67. She’s out. Omg she is out!!
  68. Ok, so why did Rhysand not come to her rescue? I mean yes, she technically did it herself, but…
  69. Ah, there he is.
  70. The back story about Ianthe. I knew there was something wrong with her!
  71. Very, very wrong!!
  72. Ok, so now they’re back at Feyre’s home.
  73. Oh great, there is Nesta. My favorite of the sisters. Not.
  74. Yesss, you go Cassian, tell her what you think of her!!!
  75. Woah help, the Attor is back???
  76. Wait, Rhys knew it was coming for Feyre and made her the bait to capture it?
  77. Well, it all went well, didn’t it? I can’t feel bad about Rhys.
  78. Wow, the letter Feyre writes to the Spring Court must mean that she is really serious about staying away from it – and Tamlin!
  79. “I am no one’s pet” (p. 277)

  80. Yesss Feyre – omg the feminist vibes in this book are so strong and I love it so much!
  81. I’m so grateful that she is not one of those spineless main characters that go back and forth between her new love interest (which I very much hope Rhysand is going to be sooner or later) and her old one… Love triangles are so yesterday…
  82. Omg, Feyre’s and Rhys’s little banter and note writing is sooo hot! Finally!
  83. Sooo, now I understand why everyone online loves Cassian and Azriel… *wink, wink, wink*
  84. I don’t feel like I can tell them apart though
  85. Ok, I’m really looking forward to reading more about what the deal with Amren is. Like, she seems genuinely nice, but why is everyone so afraid of her?
  86. I don’t care, she is awesome!!!
  87. So, Feyre decided to help them on their quest? I like. Well, the upcoming war will determine her own future too, so she better should help wherever she can
  88. The Summer Court… Is their High Lord to be feared or is he a good one?
  89. Omg, please let there not be anything going on between Rhys and this Cresseida…
  90. Awww, Feyre misses Velaris! So it has become like a home to her!
  91. Rhysand calls her his lady! *swoon*
  92. I love seeing Amren and Feyre working together! Nice teamwork!
  93. Oh no, they’re trapped! And the tide is coming in!
  94. Water-wraiths!
  95. “It is no language of this world.” Oh me, oh my, the fantasy world the author invented is just so perfect! I love it!
  96. “’Am I supposed to deny,’ he drawled, but something sparked in those eyes, ‘that I find you attractive?’” (p. 367)

  97. OMG; I love their banter and flirting!!!
  98. Ohhh, Rhys is having nightmares, too! Poor him!
  99. Stupid mortal queens!
  100.  At least I’m starting to like Feyre’s sisters…
  101.  Poor Mor, her story is very sad! And yet, here she is, being a hell of a good friend!
  102.  Omg, who is trying to kill them with ash arrows??? Tamlin? Tarquin? Hybern? So many enemies…
  103.  The Court of Nightmares!!!
  104.  Let’s see how bad it’s gonna be…
  105.  Ok I know they’re technically playing a role, but this surely must mean something!
  106.  Yesssss, she finally admits that she does see beneath his mask!!!
  107.  Starfall… awwwwwww <3
  108.  Oh no, there is Lucien… so Tamlin must be near as well…
  109.  Wow, Feyre is awesome! Send him back where he came from, yasss!
  110.  Sooo, Rhys and Feyre are staying in a room together? I LIKE
  111.  Lol, Illyrian males and their wings…
  112.  Wow, she can sleep after that?
  113.  “Within the shelter of his wing, we watched each other. And I realized I might very well be content to do exactly that forever.” (p. 476)

  114.  OMG; what does this mean??? Does it mean what I hope it means???
  115.  “I don’t walk away – not from you” (p. 478)
  116.  NOOOOO, Rhys was struck by ash arrows!!!
  117.  Yesss, Feyre is taking up her new role very well!
  118.  So, what exactly is this Suriel-thing? I don’t think I got that properly…
  119.  Did it just say mate? Feyre is Rhysand’s MATE???
  120.  Yasssssss
  121.  Omg, yasssssss!!!!!!
  122.  “Not lover, not husband, but more tham that. A bond so deep, so permanent that it was honored above all others. Rare, cherished.” (p. 492)

  124.  But why has the Suriel come to help Feyre?
  125.  Well, not that it matters much, but I didn’t quite get that…
  126.  Ok but why are you so angry Feyre, he just didn’t want to push you! How can you be mad at that after being a submissive…bimbo…to Tamlin for so long?
  127.  Feyre is finally back to painting!
  128.  But seriously, how can she stand to be away from Rhys for so long???
  129.  A future – Feyre sees a future – together with Rhys and the others
  130.  I’m so happy I could cry right now
  131.  Rhys is here!
  132.  Woah, his story is quite heavy… poor him!
  133.  The first words he spoke to Mor after about 50 years was that Feyre is his mate? OMG, I love him so much!!!
  134.  They were meant to be together even before book one <3<3<3 Ok, this is the most beautiful thing ever!!!!
  135.  “He would bow before no one and nothing – But his mate. His equal.” (p. 531)

  136.  Am I crying??? Maybe a little bit…
  137.  Ok so this … frenzy… they feel after accepting their mating bond, I do have to admit that it makes me think of Twilight’s Rosalie and Emmett… but in a good way!
  138.  “’Welcome to the family, Feyre.’ And I thought those might have been the most beautiful words I’d ever heard.” (p. 544)

  139.  She is part of this family now!! I love it! I love them all! Are they hiring? Where can I apply???
  140.  Urgh, the mortal queens again.. but Nesta seems…nicer, I guess?
  141.  Woah, so if the sixth queen is not ill, what is she then..?
  142.  “My mate. Death incarnate. Night triumphant.” (p. 568)
  143.  You go, Feyre!!! She is adjusting so well to her new life! fighting for Velaris, her people!
  144.  “Feyre Cursebreaker, the Defender of the Rainbow.” (p. 571)

  145.  She really has earned herself such a title! She deserves it!
  146.  Ok so Jurian has got them…but did they truly expect it to be that easy?
  147.  URGHHH, Tamlin wants her back
  148.  He commands her!!! Like, what does he think he is?
  149.  I didn’t get that thing with the Cauldron – until now
  150.  So it can turn humans into fairies? Make them immortal, I guess
  151.  That’s what these stupid mortal queens were after all along, isn’t it?
  152.  Ok, but I have to give credit to Tamlin that he actually really wants to stop the King of Hybern from sacrificing Elain and Nessa
  153.  Not that I would like him any more for it
  154.  Omg she wants the king to break hers and Rhys’s bond???
  156.  OMG I am sooo happy that Amren clarified this – their mating bond is alright
  157.  Phew
  158.  I really like Amren!
  159.  She was genuinely worried about Feyre!!!
  160.  Feyre is the High Lady of the Night Court!
  161.  So it is possible! Take that, Tamlin!!!

2 thoughts on “161 Thoughts I had while reading A Court of Mist and Fury

  1. I’ve never heard of this book before but after reading all of your thoughts I can Definietly say I want to read it now! It’s so good when you find a book that you love a lot, I think that makes all the difference when reading it as you properly get sucked in!

    1. I knooow, it’s the best feeling ever! You HAVE to read it, it’s amazing:) Let me know what you think!

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